Youth Vision is a charity that works with young people from South West Edinburgh that are struggling with formal education, or are excluded from school, and are not engaged in training, or employment. We offer a range of nature based informal education services that aim to develop confidence and self-esteem to support a healthy transition to adulthood and more positive destinations.

Our young people centred services include:

  • Forest School - this offers nature-based educational activities for children aged 10-12 to support a healthy transition from childhood to adolescence.
  • Back on Track - this is an intensive year-long support and learning programme that is suitable for young people aged 14-16 who are not attaining in or attending school. 
  • Wilderness - this is for young people aged 13 -18 who want to develop a deeper connection to nature and put their wilderness skills into action.
  • Gardening - this offers supported work experience to vulnerable young people aged 16-21 to support them to move onto positive destinations.
  • Renovation - this enables young people aged 16-21 to gain work experience along-side expert volunteers such as civil engineers, builders and archeologists.
  • Volunteers -  this offers volunteering experiences in the services above for adults that wish to support the informal education of young people.


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