What We Do


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What we do

Our programmes offer a unique combination of conservation, nature connection, learning of traditional skills, physical activity, teamwork, play and one-to-one support and counselling. We offer a range of informal education programmes designed for young people aged 11-24. Our key work focuses on equipping young people with life and social skills as well as practical experiences to support them in transitioning towards adulthood and positive life destinations, be it education, employment, or training. Our programmes supports the school educational calendar, and features a pre-summer taster period as well as regular reviews and assessments to ensure our programme continues to meet the needs and be of value to our young people.

Our values

  • We believe young people should be at the heart of our service, involved in key decision-making and negotiating about activities, behaviour and self-discipline.
  • We believe the hardest-to-reach young people should receive support, nurture and compassion on their journey through adolescence.
  • We believe barriers should be removed that prevent young people participating and accessing resources for improving their own life.
  • We believe young people should have access to a healthy diet and outdoor activity.
  • We believe in working with partners to ensure appropriate sharing of information and to deliver joined-up support for our young people.
  • We believe nature connection helps young people to learn and grown in healthy ways.
  • We believe all young people should have the right to play, learn, be listened to and make a contribution.


Youth Vision Back on Track

Back on Track is our intensive, year-long support programme and is suitable for hard-to-reach young people aged 14-16 who are not attaining in or attending school. Young people can be referred to us by a school Guidance department, Education Welfare Officers or partner organisations. Young people can join our groups for one or two days per week and will become part of a community that focuses on positive peer and adult interactions, friendship, work ethic, conservation, and personal development and self-discovery. The group is run by experienced youth workers with the support of regular volunteers. Young people can progress from this programme as mentors on the Forest skills and Wilderness programmes. Those requiring further support in finding employment, education or training can progress onto the Staying on Track programme.

Youth Vision Staying on Track

Staying on Track offers young people who are aged 16-24 and are not in employment, education or training (NEET) a chance to improve their skills, confidence, physical, social and emotional well-being. The programme runs a series of 6 week rural skills courses in dry stone walling, horticulture, navigation and green woodwork and supports the young people in writing C.V's, setting and achieving S.M.A.R.T goals and gaining employment. Young people can self refer or can be reffered through other organisations in the sector. Young people can progress from this programme as mentors on the Back on Track, Forest Skills and Wilderness programmes and can also volunteer on the renovation and community gardening teams. 

Youth Vision Wilderness

Wilderness is our Saturday programme of outdoor activities for all young people aged 13-16 who want to get outdoors, leran some new skills and have some fun at the weekend. Young people can join this group as new members, or as ‘graduates’ from our Forest Skills programme or as young people mentors from our Back on Track and Staying on Track programmes. Wilderness offers young people a chance to develop their own activities and outcomes in a safe and supported environment. The group is facilitated by our Field Manager, youth worker and volunteers. 

Youth Vision Gardening

Our Community Gardening group provides an opportunity for work experience, horticulture therapy and the chance to learn about a field-to-plate ethos. This group is open to young people aged 16+, students, members of the community and people currently out of work. The group is run by an experience community gardener and regular volunteers.

Youth Vision Renovation

Our Renovation team are members of the local community who have kindly been part of the Youth Vision story for several years. They have lovingly supported us to renovate the farm steading, and deliver informal learning and work experience for young people aged 16+. The Renovation team is staffed by local experts in archaeology, architecture and building trade skills.





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