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I have a passion for the natural world and outdoor experiential learning and believe that vulnerable young people can learn about themselves and their place in the world through a better connection to nature. I have worked as an environmental and outdoor educator for 17 years, designing and facilitating programmes and expeditions throughout the UK and New Zealand and I have worked with a wide range of client groups with a variety of complex behavioural, physical, mental and emotional abilities.

I first discovered Youth Vision in 2013 when I was completing an MSc in Outdoor, Environmental and Sustainability Education at Edinburgh University and freelanced for them until I began my current position in 2016.

I believe that Youth Vision is unique in a number of ways:

  • It’s based in a renovated 18th century cottage that feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere, but in realty you’re only 8 miles out of the city centre on an established bus route!
  • It connects young people to nature, traditional rural skills and a feeling of community through hands on experiential education.
  • It’s bottom up, giving young people the agency to design their own projects and outcomes.
  • It holds and supports young people for long periods of time.
Staying on Track & Wilderness project coordinator

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