At Youth Vision we believe that young people should be fully informed and involved in all decisions that affect them but we realise that filling out forms, or making initial contact can be scary, so we take referalls from supporting agencies but insist that young people's wishes are paramount in this process. 


Back on Track                                                                                                                        

Back on Track is an intensive year-long support and learning programme that is suitable for young people aged 14-16 who are not attaining in, or attending school. Young people can be referred to us by a school Guidance Teacher, Education Welfare Officer, or by supporting agencies (see the Referral Pathway Steps below). The project runs on Thursdays and we work with a maximum of 10 young people each day to ensure we are providing a safe and nurturing learning environment. The programme provides a range of nature based activities and life skills that aim to support the personal and social development of young people and improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The programme is managed by Sara Beauregard, Field Manager at Youth Vision and facilitated by experienced youth workers with the support of regular volunteers. 


Referral Pathway Steps                                                                                                                                                 

1.    All information and Back on Track referral forms are on the Youth Vision website. The Guidance Teacher, or Welfare Officer supports the young person to access information on

2.    If the young person is interested in taking part in Youth Vision’s Back on Track. The referral form will be filled out by a Guidance teacher, Welfare Officer, or by someone from a supporting agency. It is important that the young person is involved and agrees to the referral. The completed form is then emailed to Sara Beauregard, Field Manager at Youth Vision.

3.    A one to one meeting will then be arranged with Sara and the young person to asses if the Back on Track programme is the appropriate project for the young person. If both parties are in agreement the young person would sign an agreed code of conduct form at this meeting.

4.    A Medical and Consent form would then be filled out by young person’s parent or guardian.

5.    The young person would then take part in the Back on Track Taster Programme.


Referral Forms

This form is a partnership agreement form that needs to be agreed and signed by referring agencies.


This is the initial referral form to be filled in by referring agencies with consent by the young person.


This is the third-party feedback form that we require referring agencies like school to fill in after the young person has completed the years programme.



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