Gardening Work Experience Project 

This is Youth Vision’s work experience project for young people aged 16 to 21 years. It currently runs every Friday throughout the year and works with a maximum of 8 young people including those with additional support needs. It supports young people who have taken part in the Back on Track programme to move into a more responsible role. This is key step forward for young people that have been excluded from mainstream provision and helps them move closer to a positive destination like college, training or employment. 

How it works    

It is managed by Sara Beauregard Youth Vision’s Field Manager and is facilitated by an experienced field worker with support from 2 adult volunteers. All outdoor clothing and tools are provided along with a healthy lunch and free bus pick-up and drop-off to ensure the project is as accessible as possible. Its flexible structure means that young people to join at any point of the year and gain seasonal awards that culminate in the achievement of a year’s completion award. Young people can self-refer using the online forms at the bottom of the page and if appropriate the young person will be invited to attend an informal interview to discuss their employability goals and to start to put together their Personal Development Employability Plan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Personal Development Employability Plan

This is used to record and monitor a young person’s development as they progress through the gardening project. This work is supported by the provision of 4 one-to-one support sessions that are offered as part of the year's programme. 

The plan includes the following:
•    Employability Goals – using SMART planning young people set and work towards their own goals with support from a worker. 
•    Personal Development – required areas of growth that will help young people to achieve their goals.
•    Learning Log – used to evidence new learning that can enhance a young person’s CV.
•    Awards Log – record of achievement (it is possible to achieve 5 Youth Vision Awards and other certificates)

Life Skills Employability Workshops

In addition to the one-to-one support sessions and the personal development employability plan. Youth Vision also provide a minimum of 4 life-skills workshops a year. These are held during the winter months when weather is too bad to work outside and aim to support the young people to move onto better destinations.

The workshops we currenty offer are:
•    Training Day – to lean a range of skills that have been identified by young people. 
•    Garden Design – to learn how to take care of a garden during the different seasons of the year.
•    Interviews – interviews can be scary, which is why we offer this workshop to help build confidence.
•    CV Writing – this workshop supports young people to write a simple CV to enhance their employability.

For more information call or email                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       




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